Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's raining

It's raining and we've got a new coffee pot! When we just moved in here for 4 years ago, our coffee percolator broke down, we were looking everywhere to find a new, but it is hard to find a percolator you kan use on a wood stove. Most were they only on electricity. So therefor we made our coffee in a small saucepan, boil the water and add the coffee, cook for 5 min and enjoy! This worked very well but when you get visitors, it is not that nice that you also get a lot of coffee grounds in your cup.
I love the old fashioned enamel coffeepots and cups and now I have bought one. With a percolator piece in it. It looks lovely on the stove, don't you think? 

It becomes colder again, Sander (my husband) has need for some new warm winter clothing.
I bought corduroy for it.
For the pants I used a pattern that I bought some years ago.
‘Laughing Moon’, #106 California Pants
It was the fourth pair of trousers I made. Every time they got better. But this was the first time I did al the sewing on my treadle sewing machine.
 I bought this very beautiful machine for 2 years ago but there were some pieces dried out and broken down, so I could not use it. But one friend I have, find the broken piece in a old fashioned sewing shop in Germany and send it to me. Now the machine was fixed again I give it a try and I love it! I find it far more easy to sew on this one than on the modern machines I used before.
After drawing  and cutting the pattern, I did the sewing. I bought waxed cotton (quilting) tread, this worked very well on the machine. All the seams I whip stitched by hand to prevent fraying.
Next I made a jacket, also in corduroy (also on the old sewing machine J). I never made a jacket before, nor had I pattern I could use, but I had a old shirt my husband didn’t wear anymore. That I used some basic pattern and made some changing’s. I made two darts in the back panel and curved side seams.  I think, the jacket turned out very well. Of course are there thing’s I would do different next time but I’m happy how it turned out, and my husband also J.

Next I want to made a waistcoat in the same style and I need to make at least two new shirts.

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