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 Sander & Thea Degenkamp

We, both my husband an I, are born and raised in the Netherlands. I lived in the northern part and my husband in the middle of the Netherlands. But our pats crossed someday, lucky me J. After our marriage we moved to Germany, together with our 4  horses. We had a little house en acre of land and a lot of work. We meet new friends, everything seemed to be good but deep in our hearts we new that we would not stay in Germany for the rest of our live. We would live in a country with lots of nature, where we can grow our own vegetables, have more livestock, where we can live in a sort of same way our ancestors did.  So after 5 years we sold everything we had and emigrated to Sweden.
Here we get everything we wanted. A old house, build 1850, a large barn for the horses, plenty of land. Now we were home. From the first day it feels like we always had lived here. I think that it’s a good sign.
And now after 4 years, everything seemed tot get in the right place. We have chickens, a very large vegetable garden, one of our horse we use to do every kind of work on the homestead. (It’s very fun to plow with your one horse). But there is also a lot we are planning for. I would like to have a own dairy cow, for making my one butter and cheese. We need a place were we can store our canning products and much more…

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