Sunday, February 2, 2020

A day without rain

What a lovely day! After days of dark and dreary weather, the sun was shining clear and bright today. Although there was a brisk wind coming from the west, it was far too delightfull to stay inside.
With my cozy winter coat, shawl, and mittens on, I put on my shoes and went outside.
I fetched up my shovel and rake and started working in the garden. After a short while, it seemed not that cold any longer and soon my mittens and shawl were hanging over the fence. The first pair of garden beds were now cleaned up, after the neglect of the late summer. The rich black soil, now freshly racked, is lying ready for the growing season yet to come.

Pleased with the work of this morning, I made a large cup of cocoa, to both my husband and me and we had a piece of apple pie to go with it. 


  1. Do you dress historically all the time? If so, how do you deal with the curiosity of others? I WISH I could do the same.

    1. Hi Caryl, indeed I dress historically all the time. I don´t have other clothing :). I find that other people respond well on the way I/we dress. Some will ask questions others only look. In the 6-7 years we (my husband and I) do dress this way, I can´t remember anyone said something unpleasant. But Swedish people are in general a very kind and openminded people. Kind regards, Thea

  2. Well I love it! I wish I could pull it off here.