Monday, May 27, 2019

tomatoplants, chicken coop and quilting

It´s been a while since I last wrote to you. The winter months have changed to the busy springtime. After a dry april month it´s now almost perfect, alternaty some rain and then some sunshine. Although the month started very cold with most of the nights below zero. I kept my tomatoplants already in the polytunnel and with some cardboard and frostblankets they survived the frost. Until that last night, on the 14th of may, a final frost came and they al where flaggy and I susposed dead. It was very sad indeed. To cover the lost I sowed the same day 16 new tomatoesseed, I know it was a bit late but you can always try, don´t you? The next couple of days I was occupied with other projects on the homestead and paid not attation on the polytunnel exept for watering the seeds. But then, when I had time to trough the frozen tomatoplants away, I spotted on almost every plant new very small baby leafs! They were not dead at all! Since then, I have taken particulary care for them and the hopes for a tomato harvest have returned! Some of you may already have noticed, that exept from the resurrected plants I have now 16 more lovely seedlings to take care of. I hope they will all fit in in the poly tunnel....

Beside working in the garden we also fininshed a chicken coop. I think it is the most lovely chicken house ever. Made on the axle from a very old farmwagon, it´s easy to wheel. Our chickens have a great time in it and every day we drive it on a new bit of grass.

After more than 40hours of handquilting, which did take several months, I finished my first patchwork quilt for on our bed. Made from only scratchpieces I had on hand. The patchwork I made the winter before, entirely handsown, and after I get a quiltingframe as a christmas gift, I started in Janari on the quilting.

Now this one is done, I will soon start on making a second one. I have chosen for the bethlehem star pattern, which was a very popular pattern in the eightteen hunderds.


  1. Hi!
    What a nice quilt. Good luck with the tomatoes.
    / Malin

  2. Thea! I was wonder what was happening on the farm. I'm glad your tomatoes came back. It is amazing how resilient some plants are and yet how quickly they can die for such simple reasons as well.

    Your shepherd's hut chicken tractor is wonderful! So bright and happy.

    The quilt is wonderful! Each piece of fabric has a story, a scrap that becomes useful, which is the way it should be.

    Our weather has been exceedingly wet. We will plant our garden on Wednesday. I've been spending the damp days doing chore in the barn with the alpacas, and weaving bands for Scandinavian clothing. Quite enjoyable, but I am ready for some drier weather.

    Have a wonderful Spring.

  3. Hi Caryl,

    Thank you for your nice comment, I hope you will get some drier weather soon and wish you good luck with your garden.


  4. Hi,

    Just found this blog and I love it! The chicken coop is amazing. It's such a good idea to house them in a farm wagon. I'm inspired!

    Hopefully you're currently enjoying your tomatoes.