Friday, March 9, 2018

March, winter or spring?

It´s the 9th of March and still lots of snow. Last year we did a lot of outside work in February and March but now we are still waiting on better weather to arrive. Last Tuesday we had some glimpse of spring. The sun was shining clearly, no wind and it was complete silent only the soft sound of chirping birds. We took our time to sit outside and enjoying a cup of tea. It was even warm enough without coat and scarf, I´m looking forward to more of these days. But for now it´s snowing again, so waiting for the next nice day to come…..
 laundry drying in the sun 
But in the meantime, there is lots of other work to do. We are still busy with the firewood making, but it´s in progress and hopefully done in two weeks… 

My lavender seeds seem to sprout, I hope the will grow! Of course, I´m still sewing on my new dress, I have finished the upper skirt, (the skirt consists of two parts, a shorter the upper skirt and the longer underskirt,) and I almost finished the day bodice, I only need to sew 7 buttonholes and two buttons. After that is only the underskirt, a ball bodice and the short cloak left to make :).  This will be a multifunctional dress but more over that later.
 working with our workpony to be, he ´s doing so well!