Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer weather

It´s already more than a month ago I wrote my last post and now it´s time for an update. I´m sitting here before my computer looking out the window and gaze the sunset. The yellow red glow below the lavender blue sky. The leaves rustle in a light evening breeze and I hear the bel from the cows in the field, everything is so peaceful and quiet. 

After the cold winter and spring, we have got a very hot Maj month. Almost everything in the garden is sown and growing fine. Most garden work is done now in the early mornings or late evenings. Last Saturday I planted my tomatoes in the polytunnel and they are doing great. I had just space for ten plants in the tunnel so the other six I planted outdoors, hoping they will do fine to. I spotted the first pods on the pea plants a couple of days ago and they are full in bloom, I have great expectations of it. More than 80 corn plants been planted, over 50 meters potatoes, 20 meters carrots, and beans and peas and many cabbage plants, squash, cucumber, onion, pickle, and and and… it´s such a joy watch everything grow! We´re looking forward to harvesting our first plants but till then we have loads of stinging nettle and cockspur to eat.

 the picture above I made a week ago and the picture below today....


 fava beans above and peas below

corn painted mountain

In the winter I have written a piece for a magazine we are subscribed to, a piece about us and about our live.  I was very nervous about it, sometimes others don´t understand our way of living and don´t understand why we want to live this way, they make fun of it or think us to be ridiculous, absurd and foolish… But I was so happy when I after the publishing received very friendly emails and letters. So, when you are reading this, thank you so much!
Click here to read the article ( scroll to you see SIX OAKS), the name of the magazine is Ă…ter, a very interesting magazine about self-sufficiency in every different way.