Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New dress

Nearly November. The days turn shorter again, certainly now after turning the clock. We worked with our little pony this afternoon but 5 o´clock it became to dark to do anything further. Speaking about the pony, he does it really well! We work him 3, 4 times a week and he is really steady. Drawing nicely and listing well to the commands. We both love to work with him.

Last summer made me realize that I´m badly prepared for hot sunny days.  All my dresses are dark blue, brown and black checked. Not really suitable colors when you’re doing the hay harvest in the sun with 35.  So now I have changed it and will be better prepared for next year! 

I made a lightweight and light-colored dress. Using a pattern this time. I like the dropping shoulder seams, but I never got clear how to make them nicely. Using the “laughing moon #111, Ladies early 1860´s day dress” pattern made it very easy to understand. The pattern came with 3 different sleeve patterns. I choose the coat sleeve, which is the most practical on the homestead. The dress itself is made of a lightweight checked cotton and I lined it with an unbleached cotton fabric.  

The skirt has knife pleats on the front, box pleats on the sides and cartridge pleats on the back, which gives it a very nice shape.  

The bodice is boned on the front and closed with buttons.

the linning and hemming of the skirt
 Of course, are the buttonholes handsewn, like most of the dress.  I like the shape of the skirt both over my starched petticoats, which I use most at home, and over my crinoline.