Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The last few summer day’s are gone, and the autumn with the cold and windy day’s has arrived. We’ve got some rain in the last week but the well is still dry…. Lucky to us have we a nice neighbour were we can go and get some water from his well. His house stands about a 500m from us and lays closer to the lake. He has a 1/2m water left in his well. So every day we load our wheelbarrow with empty jerry cans, go to the neighbour, fill them all and go homewards again. It is a little more work but the animals need water, a lot of water, only our big work pony needs about a 30L each day!

For the vegetable garden wasn’t it that bad that is was dry, the beans need a dry period at the end of the season. We got a big harvest this year! A lots of kidney beans and French beans, 180kg potatoes, lots of parsnips and carrots, sweet corn, tomatoes, lots of tomatoes!, onions, cabbage, beetroot, leek, zucchini, peas,………This was the first year I had a poly-tunnel, and the tomatoes grows so fine in it. Now the last tomatoes are still waiting to be made into a green tomato chutney. I think I have had over a 15kg!

We had broccoli for the first time this year, and they went big. The first we eat was about a 500gr, but the second was almost 1kg! They really taste different then the ones you buy in the store. I loved it very well, and try it again next year.

I bought for 500SEK seeds this year and had some seeds left from 2015, all the seeds were ecological, and after the first of June we didn’t need to buy fresh food in the store. Except for some garlic that I didn’t have. At this time we eat already 5 months our home grown food and we have much more we can eat during the winter months. Now the growing seasons is over, I can looking back on a very well seasons. We’ve got lot of fine and healthy food.

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