Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WIP. Sewing a Victorian corset. Part 1

Now the summer have almost past away and the autumn is coming again. Slowly the green color is fading in the most wonderful colors of red, brown and yellow. The day’s become shorter, even on a clear day it is dark after 8 o’clock. When you woke early  in the morning, the mist hanging over the fields with a little sunlight trough the treetops. Yes, I love, to see the changes in the nature, knowing that the winter is on his way. But we hope it will be raining soon. It’s very dry the last few months and now we have only a few inches water left in the well...... 

Sewing a Victorian corset, Part 1

Almost a year I’m thinking about making a Victorian corset, to wear on daily basis. I did a lot of resource about a differed kind of corset and about how to make one.
Last year I made a Swiss waist with boning and everything, but a real corset is maybe not so easy to make. I will try….
 the inside of the Swiss waist, here you see the boning in the front, in the side seams and even in the back are to bones on either side.
 wearing my Swiss waist the first time

For a week ago I did find a free corset pattern and decide to use it some basic pattern for mine. After drawing the pattern on the paper  I made some changes so it will fit me. I cut a mock-up in a cheap fabric. Only a few seams need to change. To be continued….

the pattern

the mock-up, on the left is ready, on the right the pieces

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