Monday, January 22, 2018

Longing for summer and a stable tour

Mmm, freshly baked cupcakes and a cup of tea, that´s what I need to write my post

When I would use my camara some days ago I found some movies of last summers hay harvest. It gave me a lot of happiness to see everyting so green. I long to the springtime and long to work in the garden again. But now is everything covered with snow and the ground still frozen. So I spend some time with planning my garden instead. I think it´s good to have something to look forward to. It gives a lot of pleasure. Sometimes is longing to even better then that you were looking forward to.
I hope this little silly movies will you make happy to.. please enjoy.

The last weeks my husband is working in the barn. We have 2 ponies on one side of the stable and our horse stands on the otherside in a large box. She can see the other two but not make contact them and now we have sold one pony we have one box empty on the ponyside. This will be her new box. Only the railing was to low. She is 150cm high instead of 95cm. I think she could just step over it. So that is what we needed to change and she needed also a larger door. This is done by now and the last step will be to cover all electricity cables.
 Vera´s new stable/box, on the left jou see a bit of the pony boxes
the pony stables just next to her. 

Our chickens are also waiting on warmer weather. When it is snowing they don´t like to be outside... I hope now the daylight is become longer again that I might have our first eggs soon!
 little Betsy is waiting to go inside again, she follows me everywhere­čś║.

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