Wednesday, January 31, 2018

garden and sewing

It´s the last of January today, so the first month of the year is already passed away. Last week we did some work in the garden and also this morning! But now the fine weather is over and it´s snow raining here.


But there is enough to do inside as well. I´m cooking a delicious stew. With potato´s, mushrooms, carrot and onion, this goes well to the nasty weather.
 I´m busy with making a new dress. A wool dress this time. I bought this very lovely checked fabric.

 My dress will be inspired by this dress.

 But first I made a new corset, with front and back lacing this time. Most is machine sewed but all the eyelets are done by hand. 12 front eyelets and 28 on the back. I made also a nice crochet lace on top. It turned out very well and I like the colors to.

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