Monday, January 8, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR and news from the homestead

hello everyone!

It´s a long time since I posted my last update, but I had some trouble with my computer and it took a long time before we solved the problems but now I´m back!

Another year has passed by. A lot has happened. We get some goats and we gave them away again, we made a lot of hay, we sold one pony, get some new chickens, had a very good vegetable harvest and made some new ideas for the future...
I finished my first knitting project
We have decided to reduce our numbers of animals. It´s a lot of work to feed them all through the winter, and making all the hay they need. Last year we start mowing hay, a little before midsommer and we were done just before the first of oktober. It gives satisfaction to see the quantity of hay grow on our hayloft and gives a feeling of safety to know that there is enough food for the animals to eat all through the cold winter months. But spending almost 3months on hay making was a bit to much. I like the job but I like to do something else also... So now with less animals we need less food and it will be less work. We ´ll have some more times to do other tings, like working in the garden or maybe even to enjoy ourselves with dancing on a sommer ball.
some christmascarts I painted last year

The past 3 weeks I was in full speed with sewing a regency dress, a regency shift, a pair short stays (or corset) and a tucked petticoat and making a new pair of trousers to Sander. I readed on Facebook about a Regency ball or assamble in Skåne, not to far away from were we live and decided to go. But I didn´t have the right dress to it and I had only 3 weeks to finish it. But I made it. Last saturday was the ball evening and it was wunderfull! I and my husband enjoyed every minut of it! It was very well organized. The room was delightfull decorated with paintings and candles. Very enjoyable dances we learned, it was just perfect! And now I dream to organize a ball to, we´ll see....
and a Picture from the ball, I´m in the Blue dress

in the upcoming updates
Were going to step by step learn our little pony to pull and drive
A lot about our vegteble garden 2018
how to sharpen a scythe
and much more!

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