Friday, December 2, 2016

sewing room

A while ago I decide that I would have other curtains in my sewing room. The old ones didn’t really have the right colour and shape. I made them 5 years ago for the living room but after a year I get some really heavy velour curtains that I used instead. I thought a lot about it, and yesterday I get a idea! I could use the velour curtains in the sewing room and use the old living room curtains in the living room again.

In the evening I started to take away the old curtains and change them. I turned out so nice! I love it! But the room itself needed a little clean up to, after all sewing’s of the last weeks. That is what I did today. A lot of  patterns, bits of fabric, books etc. etc. I was a bit lazy so I put everything in my fabric box and have to assort them later. But the room itself was on the end of the day ready for some pictures!

On the second picture you can see a bit of a painting. I got it after my grandfather when he died. It was a wedding gift they get.

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