Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homesteaders or farmers?

When I talk about our home, I call it a homestead but sometimes I call it a farm too.
But what is the right definition or maybe there isn’t a right definition?

Looking in the dictionary I found:

1. Land cultivated for agricultural production.  2. A.   Land used for breeding and raising of domestic animals.    B. an area of water used for breeding and raising of a particular type of aquatic animals.

Yes, we are farmers! We have land for agricultural production but….

1. A family’s house, esp. a farmhouse, with adjacent buildings and land. (think on” the little house on the prairie” series)   2.  A tract of land granted, as under the homestead Act, to a settler who cleared, cultivated and lived on it.

We have also a family house with buildings for our livestock, we cultivate the land. I think the difference can be found elsewhere….

A farm,  generates money by raising and selling livestock and/or produce of the land. Like the definition it’s about production. A farmer has a different goal then the homesteader. A farmer will have a income of it’s land and make profit.

A homestead is a place were a person or a family cultivates the land and try  to become more self sufficient. On a homestead they try to live on the land by growing and raising their own food. Though they maybe will sell some products of their land, it’s not the most important goal they have.  They like to use what they can on their land to make it more sustainable.

We have our home not only for to generate income for we do have another income, but we try to live of the land, by growing our own food, and use what we have. Trying to save money, by doing things by ourselves without the need of buying. That is what we want, what we love to do.

So maybe we are homesteader or maybe you could call us something else, or maybe we are just some foolsJ

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