Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Dinner on Toftaholm herrgård

It is a windy day today, it’s not raining, but now en then you see a little rain splashes on the window. But I’m sitting inside for the fire, soon it will be dark and can we light our candles and oil lamps. I’m listening to a great Celtic harp player, Patrick Ball. Very peaceful and beautiful!

The last weeks I have been very busy with sewing a new dress for the Christmas dinner. We were invited to eat there together with everyone who danced or played music there in the past summer season.

Toftaholm is a very old manor that dates from the 14th century. The first time we can read about it, it’s in 1387 when it was only a little farmer-village. In 1470 a man with the name “Gustav Ollofsson (Stenbock)” did buy the 8 farmhouses to build the manor there. 1475 was the manor house ready and called “Toftaholm”. Now you can only visit the ruin after this building. The current wood house was build in 1871.

 Sander s new kilt and vest, sporran and belt

 my new dress

It was a great evening, pretty company and the new owners were very charming. Lots of traditional Swedish Christmas food. 7 courses! Lots of fish, meat, both cold and hot dishes, very delicious desserts.

and a picture of my corset

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