Friday, July 1, 2016

Midsummer, hay harvest and fresh potatoes

It’s gone awhile since I wrot the last time. But it was a busy period for us.
All started with the midsummer party. My husband and I dance with a folk-dance society for almost 2 years now and every midsummer, but also on other occasions, we dance on local fairs. This year we danced on two locations. It was very fun but it was so hot, almost 30°C. After al dancing, one of the members asked us to stay and we had a joyful after party, with food, music and lots of fun.

                                         My husband playing the bodhran on the after party

At the same time we are also busy with the hay harvest. Almost 2,5 acre is done now. I made some pictures of it. It was a evening after a rain shower and it was dim. I think it looks very nice J

We did eat our first fresh potatoes a few day’s after midsummer. They taste very well!

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