Sunday, July 10, 2016


This week we made some new things for our kitchen. The old countertop some was in here when we bought the house, was a awful one from the ’40-‘50s. Once it had belonged to another house, so it was to large to fit in. The old drain was not working so we decide to take everything out and replace it for a temporarily kitchen. But now after 4 years we know how we want the new kitchen must look like. Little by little we changes it.
On Saturday my husband start to make a countertop with a sink and today I finished it with some curtain in front of it J. It looks great!

Now there is some work left for running water above the sink. We get a stainless boiler from the neighbour. This one can we fill up with water, 10-15L. and when the water cock is working will it be much easier to wash your hands.  Now I have a cup in one hand and try to wash the other ;)  If I need cold water I will fill it up with cold but when I need hot water it’s just to fill it with hot water from the stove.
On the other side of the room we did make a cupboard with shelves above it. I love to see my old fashioned canisters on the open shelves. Most come from the Netherlands. Old coffee canisters from the Trademark ‘Douwe Egberts’ and my favourite tea canister of the ‘Pickwick’ trademark.

                                                          I know it's a mess like always 

Did you see the table on the picture’s? My husband made that a year ago for me. It is all made by recycled materials. Do you see the table legs? That was once a old weaving loom, the underside was rotten down, but the upside was still to use. After cutting away the rotten part he turned it upside down that become the legs. So I can say that my table is from 1799. the year the weaving loom was build. The table leaf is not that old but I guess it is from end 1800 early 1900. Once it was a typical Swedish ‘utdrag sofa’.   That is a bank of wood, nearly 2m long, they used it to sit on it when eating but when it become time to sleep, they pull the underside out and then it become a bed. In Sweden  most ordinary people did have it in the 1800s. Most they stood in the kitchen. But our ‘utdrag sofa’ did have the same history like the weaving loom. After long time on a old loft, most parts where eaten from woodworm and did fall apart when you touched it. But some planks  we could save and that become the leaf. This table is stable enough to knead my dough on when I baking bread. I know for sure, No one has the same table we have! 

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