Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The vegetable garden

Last year we had a wonderful harvest on our vegetable garden. I did al lot of canning and we had enough food for almost a half year. That was very well but I would like to grow all our vegetables on the homestead. So early this spring, my husband and I, picked out a small pasture of land and turned down the soil, to make a larger vegetable garden. We used a hoe to turn it over. We have a lot of stones in the ground here in Sweden, so it is much easier to use a hoe then to dig it with a spade.

On this new land we plant potatoes. We used the horse and a potato plow to make the furrows. It was both for us and the horse the first time. It turned out very well and soon I get the potatoes in the ground.

 Also bought we this spring a small Polytunnel to grow tomatoes. In Sweden is it not warm enough to grow them outside, I did try I for a couple of years but it never turned out that well. But now the tomato plants grow very well. It looks like a jungle inside J and a couple of days ago I already spot the first tomatoes!

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