Thursday, May 25, 2017

surprise, surprise! Getting new livestock!

Ever since living here on our homestead we are thinking about how to get so self-sufficed some possible. So our vegetable-garden is growing every year, to grow enough food for us. We have enough hay land for making hay for our livestock but we have also thought a lot  about dairy-animals. Dairy products are expensive to buy, especially when you buy organic. It could save some money when we keep our own dairy animal and made the most products at home.  But is it best to keep a cow and get enough milk to feed the whole neighbourhood? Or should we start with keeping dairy goats, which are a lot easier to handle and to hold than a cow. I read a lot the past years about both animals and last winter I read about to keep Nigerian dwarf goats as milk goats. I did find that very interesting because I always have loved these small goats. But buying some new livestock would not be in the near future I thought then.....
Until a week ago.... We get the opportunity to take over two lovely dwarf goats, two sisters, and we said yes! and so last week these two girls moved to our home. The grey doe, we called Milou, is the boss. She loves to come and get some attention but her sister Klara is still a little shy. This autumn we will arrange a date to both and next spring we will have some very cute little lambs around here. 

Except the new goats we where and are working in the garden a lot. A lot is growing. Unions, carrots, cabbage, beets are popping out the soil. The strawberries are blooming, in the poly-tunnel are the tomatoes and paprika plants growing.  But the nettle-plants, grass and other weeds are growing too! Every day we weed a bit. 

blooming rhubarb

We try to work one ore twice a week with Berry the Shetland- pony. He is now comfort with getting on the harness,  he is not scared about noise behind him, so in the next view weeks I think he can pull something for the first time! Pictures about that will follow!

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