Monday, February 6, 2017

Planning the kitchen garden, part II

Last Friday I received my seeds! I love to get post and I love even more to get a large package! Even if I ordered it myself J.
Almost all the seeds I use come from the same shop. It is a post order shop, which sell a lot of organic seeds and have a good service and a quick deliverance. Most of the seeds they sell have they tried on there own garden first so you’ll know that the seeds can grow in Sweden.
Only a view seeds where not available there and them I ordered somewhere else.

This year I will change the plan in my garden. The last 4 years my garden has grown every year a bit.  I had the garden divided in 5 parts and every part had 4 seedbeds of 120cm wide. At one long side a had a small long bed 1x6m with strawberries.    
And so we have the second kitchen garden, that we made last year. It’s there I have my small poly tunnel also.
It worked fine with 5 beds but a lot of the area is used for paths between them. I also decided that I will use our work pony to hoe between the rows and that goes a lot better with seedbeds some are only 60-120cm wide and go over the hole length. So I will have a lot more area for my seeds and as an additional benefit al the beds will be in the north-south direction. All crops will get same quantity sunlight and hopefully grow even better.

For a couple day’s ago I measured both pieces of land and noted where the berry bushes and other fixed elements are. Yesterday I make a drawing of each piece of land and made plans where to grow which crop. Only a couple of square meters have not been planned yet, we’ll see what we can plant there, maybe some extra lettuce or maybe some herbs….

I will explain my drawing, I hope you can read the figures in the drawing.

 1. The well                                                         2. red and blackberries
 3. strawberries                                                   4. cabbage
 5. carrot and union                                             6. beetroot and union
 7. beans and peas                                              8. lettuce
 9. herbs and flowers                                          10. plum tree

1. summer and winters quash                              2. pumpkins
3. corn and broad beans                                    4. pickle plants
5. potatoes                                                        6. poly tunnel
7. herbs and flowers                                          8. red and black berries

9. apple tree

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