Friday, January 27, 2017

Planning the kitchen garden 2017

Although it’s still winter I’m already planning for the new planting season. Every year I read as many kitchen garden books from the library I can. It’s so much fun to plan for the new year. I’m making a list for all vegetables I want to grow and a shorter list with flowers and herbs.

A lot of things are every year the same but I also try some new variety of vegetables to.
This year I will have purple carrots, and purple cabbage. I hear you think, purple carrots??!! Yes, exactly the first carrots ever grow were purple! But in 17th century in the Netherlands they get there first orange carrot. And it became a great success! I will try the purple carrots and I hope we will enjoy it….
Because my husband and I eat both  vegetarian, we eat a lot of chickpeas. They come from a warm area and we can’t grow them here. But now I did find a old verity of peas called “gråärt” in Sweden it will have the same nutty flavour.

I did find some information about co-culture some will help against the cabbage butterfly. I read about to plant peppermint, celery and marigold between the cabbage plants. The have a smell witch makes that the butterfly not knows where the cabbage plants are, I hopes it will help and otherwise it will look nice also. 

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