Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tree climbing or arborist at work!

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes all business. After half January we did not have an opportunity to work in the garden, everything was frozen or covered with snow.  But now, in April we need to do it all. A long list of things we want to do this year. Some things are already six years on the list, but we never find the time to do it. One of these things is to cut the trees in front of the house.
do you see Sander in the first tree?
Our house is build a 20meters of the road and between the road and our house grow 4 big spruce trees. The biggest is about a 27meters high. You can understand it is always a matter to worry about when the autumn storms arrive. When the trees should fall they should come over the house.  In the first year one of the trees broke already but lucky to us the top fall on the road and not on our side.

Although my husband is a tree worker or arborist by profession he is not looking forward to cutting them down.  Most tree workers stop climbing when the are 35, 40years old and that age has he long past. So, every year we looked to the trees and talking about cutting them or not. The risks working so close to the road, what if something is falling there when a car or cyclist is coming by. But now we are started to cut them down. 

Al the equipment for the job is still there and on a bright and windless day we started the job. It is really fun the do this work again.  We have the skills and the experience to do so. 11 years ago, we did this work together. My husband as the tree climber and sawyer and I did the ground work. Most timber may not fall free on the ground. It could damage the garden or garage or something else. We use rope friction device to lower the timber in a controlled way. That was my job. To control the timber and handle with the rope.  After some days work, two of trees are cut on 15 meters high. This is save length for the house and we decide later or we cut them down further or not.

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