Wednesday, July 12, 2017

sommer pictures

'the season now is all delight,
Sweet smile the passing hours,
And summer's pleasures, at their height,
Are sweet as are her flowers;
The purple morning waken'd soon,
The mid-day's gleaming din,
grey evening with her silver moon,
Are sweet to mingle in.

How sweet the fanning breeze is felt,
Breath'd through the dancing boughs;
How sweet the rural voices melt
From distant sheep and cows.
The lovely green of wood and hill,
The hummings in the air,
Serenely in my breast instil,
The rapture reigning there.'


I have not that much time to writhe right now but I like to share some pictures with you. I made the pictures a couple of days ago and actually I should have taken some new ones. Everything is growing so fast! But it gives you an idea how the kitchen garden looks  right now.

Two weeks ago arrived some new livestock on the homestead! Seven small wyandotte chickens. They are so cute

The haying season has arrived again. How strange it feels that it is more than one year ago I wrote about haying and making haystacks and now where doing it again. Look how the hay is drying on the field!

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