Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Building and repairing garden fences

Now it is spring! Or it would be according to the calendar. Maybe the spring is in the air but the weather outside is telling something else. Today it was cold, windy and even a little ice storm. Not the  best weather to be outside and work in the garden or work with the horse to pull some firewood. Fortunately we have a lot to do inside also. A lot of vegetables we do for grow inside. For example paprika, I sowed them in February and now they needed a larger pot. That I did today in the kitchen. 43 paprika plants I have now….. I have also sowed celeriac, tomato, celery, artichokes and some weeds. I love to look to the seeds every day, to see if they already sprout. Sometimes it's after a view days, sometimes you think they are dead all untill the next morning a little green is showing. It’s a wonderful time.

Every hour it was nice weather the last view weeks, we where busy outside. To hack in the garden, pull firewood for next winter, saw and split the wood, and repairing the fences.
We build our garden fences out of branches. When we bought our home there was a lot of deferred maintenance. A lot of small trees and bushes where growing everywhere. We cut them all down and made a garden fence of it. These type of garden fencing is easy to build. That’s is just what you need when you have a lack of time. But its also a nice and comfort place for a lot of animals and insects. For toads and frogs who find a save and little soggy place underneath it, but also for wild bees who love the dead wood. 

The only disadvantage is that you need to fill it up at least every other year. The branches underneath rot and the wall is sinking down. Last year I had so much to do that I didn’t take the time to repair it and now it is really time! All the posts where rotten and now my husband made new posts out of hazel. I put them all in the ground and made a begin to fill it up in between.

We even had a lot of work with selling our berry bushes. We had over 50 and now after 3 years they where ready to sell. I placed a advertisement on Facebook and WOW what a reactions. In 3 weeks we where sold out! That is a nice income too! I love it. It’s a great fun to meet new people and they are all exited about the new plants they bought, most of it where young people. Just great! Let’s see what’s coming next!

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